Vannes à boisseau sphérique JIP

JIP-FW with handle

JIP-FW with handle is an ON/OFF ball valve with flanged and welded connection. The valves are specially designed for district heating systems and other hot-water systems in which the water has been treated in order to avoid corrosion. The valves are also suitable for district cooling systems.

JIP-FW with handle

Données techniques

N° de codeTypeDNPN
Connection type

FW, H, PN16

065N4284 JIP-FW with handle6516200Flange / welded
065N4289 JIP-FW with handle8016470Flange / welded

FW, H, PN25

065N0640 JIP-FW with handle10025640Flange / welded
065N4283 JIP-FW with handle6525200Flange / welded
065N4288 JIP-FW with handle8025470Flange / welded