Régulateur de décharge AVA

Self-acting pressure relief controller primarily for use in district heating systems. The controller is normally closed and opens on rising pressure.

The controller has a control valve, an actuator with one control diaphragm and a spring for pressure setting.

Régulateur de décharge AVA

Données techniques

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RaccordementT° fluide max.
Max. Dp
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003H6614 1525External thread150204 Adjustable
003H6615 2025External thread150206.3 Adjustable
003H6616 2525External thread150208 Adjustable
003H6620 1525External thread150204 Adjustable
003H6621 2025External thread150206.3 Adjustable
003H6622 2525External thread150208 Adjustable
003H6626 3225Bride1501612.5 Adjustable
003H6627 4025Bride1501620 Adjustable
003H6628 5025Bride1501625 Adjustable
003H6629 3225Bride1501612.5 Adjustable
003H6630 4025Bride1501620 Adjustable
003H6631 5025Bride1501625 Adjustable


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