JIP-WW with worm gear

JIP-WW is an ON/OFF valve with welded connection.

The valves have been specially designed for district heating systems and other hot-water systems, in which the water has been treated in order to avoid corrosion. The valves are also suitable for district cooling systems.

Please note that handles for valves from DN 125-200 have to be ordered separately.

JIP-WW with worm gear

Données techniques

N° de codeDNPN
Connection type

WW, WG, PN25

065N0156 200252300Welded
065N0161 250255100Welded
065N0166 300259100Welded
065N0171 350257000Welded
065N0176 4002510400Welded
065N0181 5002523700Welded