Régulateur de pression différentielle AFP

A self-acting differential pressure controller primarily for use in district heating systems. The controller closes on rising differential pressure.

Controller consist of:
- control valve (flange connection) type VFG 2 / VFG 21 - for technical parameters look at part "Combine with..." below,
- pressure actuator type AFP / AFP-9 with control diaphragm and a spring for setting differential pressure - see below.

Régulateur de pression différentielle AFP

Données techniques

N° de codeFunctionMin. Dp setting
Max. Dp setting
Max. operation pressure
Prix Fr.dPb


003G1016 Diff. press. controller0.151.5251559.00 
003G1017 Diff. press. controller0.10.7251559.00 
003G1018 Diff. press. controller0.050.35162143.00 


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Instruction AFQ
AFP_VFG_Inst_m_VICAK15U.pdf (1.0 Mb), N° documentation: , Langue: Swiss/French, Date d'édition: 05/09 2006