Réducteur de pression AFD

A self-acting pressure reducer primarily for use in district heating systems, for water and steam applications. The controller closes on rising pressure.

Controller consist of:
- control valve (flange connection) type VFG 2 / VFG 21 or VFGS 2 (for steam applications) - for technical parameters look at part "Combine with..." below,
- pressure actuator type AFD with control diaphragm and a spring for pressure setting - see below.

Réducteur de pression AFD

Données techniques

N° de codeFunctionMin. P setting
Max. P setting
Prix Fr.


003G1000 Press. reducer8161505.00
003G1001 Press. reducer312990.00
003G1002 Press. reducer16990.00
003G1003 Press. reducer0.53990.00
003G1004 Press. reducer0.10.71080.00
003G1005 Press. reducer0.151.51080.00
003G1006 Press. reducer0.050.351588.00