Moteur compact AMV(E) 25/35

AMV 25/35 are actuators for three point control and AME 25/35 are actuators for modulating control.

In addition to basic functions such as manual control and position indication, the actuators are also equipped with force sensitive switch-off to ensure that nor actuators or valves are exposed to overload.

Moteur compact AMV(E) 25/35

Données techniques

N° de codeTension de service
(V CA)
Puissance absorbée
Temps de course
Prix Fr.

AMV 25

082G3023 242.1511679.00
082G3024 2302.1511679.00

AMV 35

082G3020 2473725.00
082G3021 23073725.00


2 Documents trouvés: 1 fiche technique and 1 instruction amv 25/35

Fiche technique
Cahier classeur HT - Vannes et moteurs
Heft_8_f.pdf (3.6 Mb), N° documentation: VDLSA114, Langue: Swiss French, Date d'édition: 12/09 2007

Instruction AMV 25/35
AMV25+35_Inst_NoTXT.pdf (0.2 Mb), N° documentation: , Langue: Swiss/French, Date d'édition: 05/09 2006